Secret House Sitting Advice

You’ve found this page because you want to get an advantage over all the other people who have learnt about house sitting and the amazing travel and accommodation opportunities it offers.  You’ve already read the tips we have  provided in our House Sitting Guide 101, or even the more Advanced House Sitting Tactics you received after signing-up to receive our emails.  We have some secret house sitting advice for you that is not open to the general public.

The Secret House Sitting Advice will provide:

  • Confidence to use house sitting to travel the world and save money on accommodation
  • Knowledge on how to make the most of the massive travel savings that house sitting gives you
  • Information to make you look like an expert with experience
  • Access to the experience and knowledge of house sitting experts
  • Best practises on what to do on very first day you arrive at a sit
  • Lessons to help you avoid mistakes other house sitters have made
  • Massively improved chances of getting the best house sitting jobs 

Like Jodie and Natalie you could save $40,000 a year on accommodation if you are travelling long term.  Equally you can secure short-term accommodation for your next holiday in the most expensive cities like London, New York, and Paris.


What you’ll learn and gain specifically

  1. House sitting confidence
  2. Create an amazing house sitting profile
  3. Get your application in front of home owners before others do
  4. How to ace the interview process with the home owner
  5. Learn about visas and immigration
  6. How to save money whilst house sitting
  7. What to do when house sitting goes wrong, and the one thing you absolutely must do
  8. How to gain the best house sitting references
  9. How to network and get referrals and repeat house sitting assignments
  10. Learn how to get paid for house sitting

How you get this knowledge

The secret house sitting advice is delivered through 10 modules which you will have lifetime access to.

Information will be delivered through

  • Videos including interviews with 15 house sitting experts
  • Optimised templates such as brilliant a house sitting profile, email applications, and a formal house sitting agreement
  • Check lists to get you organised with contracts, agreements and briefings
  • Quick reference lists to follow including how to’s and time savers

Get massive house sitting discounts

house-sit-matchHouse-CarersAs well as the invaluable house sitting information you will receive, you’ll also get amazing discounts to many house sitting resources including:

15% off HouseSit Match membership, 10% off HouseCarers membership, 3 months free Nomador membership and $100 off the Frequent Flyer Bootcamp that shows you how to get super cheap flights around the world.

A saving of over $150! More than the value of joining the House Sitting Academy!

Get insider house sitter benefits

house-sitting-secretsOn completing the module you’ll be accredited with the House Sitting Academy Gold Award which will improve your chances of landing your next house sitting job by showing home owners you are a quality and trust worthy house sitter.

You’ll also have access to the Inner Circle private referral network:

  • Connect with other house sitters
  • Share advice and knowledge
  • Ask questions and get real answers
  • Know about house sitting opportunities before the general public
  • Get recommendations from other knowledgeable house sitters.

How do I join?

Join the House Sitting Academy and get all this knowledge and access to the house sitter Inner Circle for life.

Join House Sitting Academy now for $97

The price will increase to $197 on 1st May 2016 when new house sitting advice and resources will be added.  If you sign up now, you’ll still receive all the new information.


Secret House Sitting Advice from the House Sitting Academy

By signing up for secret house sitting advice provided by the House Sitting Academy you’ll get invaluable knowledge allowing you to  compete against the most experienced house sitters and get the best house sitting jobs.

  • Go up against more experienced sitters, when you have no experience
  • Feel comfortable living in someone else’s home
  • What to do if something goes wrong with the pets or house
  • Learn about house sitting jobs before anyone else
  • Get recommendations and referrals for the best house sitting jobs
  • Massive savings on joining house sitting membership sites
  • Save an insane amount of money on accommodation forever

All this for $97.

Join Risk Free Today

house-sitting-satisfactionIf you’re not satisfied with the amazing information and resources provided to help you get the best house sitting jobs, House Sitting Academy offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you do not land a house sitting job in the first 6 months of joining the House Sitting Academy, they will personally rework your profile to help you improve your chances.