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House Sitting Around the World

When you want to travel around the world or live in another country, house sitting jobs offer amazing free accommodation opportunities globally in authentic local homes on a long-term or short-term basis. 

  • Free accommodation in exchange for looking after the home 
  • Accommodation that’s more than just a single room 
  • No more extortionate hotel prices 
  • No more shared dormitories 
  • Cook in a real kitchen 

Full time travelers Jodie and Natalie have saved an average of $40,000 per year over the past three years by house sitting around the world and have experienced adventures in London, New York, Miami Beach, Sicily, Costa Rican Jungle, Sacred Valley Peru and many more places, all without paying for accommodation.  Whilst they are now professional house sitters, anyone can enjoy these benefits and we’ll show you how by sharing the best house sitting websites and tips on how to secure your dream house sitting job. 

Best House Sitting Websites

The first step in your house sitting adventure is to find a suitable house sitting opportunity.

We have listed the best house sitting websites for you to find your dream house sitting job in your dream location. 

Go find your dream house sitting job in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. 

But before you dive into the house sitting opportunities, take a look at our house sitting guide 101 to prepare yourself and give you a better chance of securing your next house sitting job. 



HouseCarers has been securely matching house sitters with home owners since 2000 and regularly has around 300 homes listed worldwide in their extensive directory for you to choose to house sit.  Currently house sitters looking for places in Europe, USA and Australia are especially well served, but there are also listings in South America, Africa and Asia.

You can get started with a free membership which allows you to browse the listings, setup a profile and receive email updates on new house-sitting job listings.  Full membership is $50/yr which allows you to contact home owners to apply for house-sitting opportunities and build a complete profile including photos.

The free membership is great if you are considering the leap into house sitting to see what amazing houses you could be living in.  

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HouseSit Match

HouseSit Match has two levels of membership standard ($50/yr) and premium ($100/yr) and there are many house sitting jobs listed for the UK, Spain, France and Australia. 

The premium service allows house sitters to create a more descriptive profile and for videos to be added to your profile.  You’ll be featured on the homepage and get increased support with their unique personalised service aiding you with the search for a house-sitting job. 

Their personalised service is perfect for those who want a bit more help in their search, plus HouseSit Match also provides other useful information to make your house sitting adventure as smooth as possible such as visa guides, police clearance and house sitting legal documents.

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House Sitting Guide 101: Learn how to secure your dream house sitting job

A Trustworthy House Sitting Profile

house sitting profileFinding the perfect house sitting job is only half the battle.  As a house sitter you will be trusted with someone else’s prized possession and a family home full of happy memories.  You have found a beautiful home in an amazing location that you want to explore and whilst it’s free you need to put in a bit of work to earn the opportunity to house sit.

House sitting profiles with photos get more clicks

Your first step is to create a great profile.  Your profile is your resume so show off your skills, experience and personality.  List relevant experience such as home ownership, house keeping, hospitality, pets, gardening, travel, voluntary etc. Photos help massively, HomeCarers report that house sitter profiles with photos gain 8 times the number of clicks as profiles without photos.  Obviously don’t upload photos of you getting drunk and causing havoc with your friends.  If possible upload a video to really show what a personable and responsible person you really are.

References equals trust

Get personal references and a police reference and upload them to your profile to give home owners an even greater sense of security.  For those who have not house sitted before get references from family and friends.  In some countries it is possible to get police checks done online. The number of photos and references not only help to portray yourself as a more trustworthy house sitter to the home owner but they are also signals for the house sitting websites to boost your profile higher up in the listings.  Think about how you would feel if you were letting a stranger live in your own house whilst you were not there.  Do everything you can to create a profile that shares as much relevant information as possible and present yourself as a trustworthy person.

House Sitting is a Job

good housekeepingBe responsible and understand that house sitting is a job.  Yes you get to live in a great house in an ideal location but you are likely to have responsibilities such as keeping the house clean and secure.  Depending on the home owner there may be other responsibilities.  Ensure you have read all the home owner’s requirements in their listing and make sure you answer them in your initial communications when applying for the house sitting job.

Prompt communications displays reliability 

It goes without saying that you won’t be the only one applying for the house sitting opportunity so ensure you setup notifications for new house sitting listings.  Be prompt in all your communications as well to show the home owner that you are reliable and dependable.

What are your house sitting responsibilities?

Be responsible and check with the home owner to fully understand what is expected of you, and fulfil your duties.  By asking these questions you will come across as a responsible house sitter who is trustworthy and employable.  Only by fully understanding the expectations of your role as a house sitter can you fulfil them.  By doing so you will inevitably gain positive reviews and references making it even easier to land your next house sitting job.

A house sitter and home owner match?

Once you have started communications with the home owner it is often good to suggest a Skype call.  Not only do both parties get to understand each other’s requirements a bit more, but it is a chance to show off your personality as a trustworthy, reliably and friendly house sitter. It will also be a chance for you to ask the home owner to show you more of the house you could be sitting.

House sitting agreement

It is usually best to have all your requirements and responsibilities as a house sitter written down by the home owner along with other important information such as contact details, emergency contacts.  Often, you and the home owner draw up a house sitting agreement so expectations on both sides are clear.  Remember it is not your own home so don’t have major parties and invite lots of friends around!  Ensure you leave the home as clean or even cleaner than when you first came.  Maybe even leave a nice little present for the home owners when they return, whether it is a trinket from your home country or a home cooked meal.

Emergency situations 

Within the house sitting agreement make sure that emergency situations no matter how unlikely are covered.  For example:

  • Is an emergency float available for unforeseen expenses?
  • What happens when a pet falls ill (or even dies!)?
  • Which emergency contacts have authority for making important decisions if the home owners are not contactable?
  • What happens if you as the house sitter needs to leave your job early due to an emergency situation?

Whilst these may be unlikely occurrences it’s best to have these covered off and minimize any stress and misunderstanding further down the line.

Pet Sitting or Not?

house sitting kittensHouse sitting jobs will sometimes involve pet sitting, if you are a lover of animals your opportunities will be even bigger, but there are also plenty of house sitting jobs that don’t involve pet sitting.  If you are an animal lover let your house sitting profile emphasize this through your photos or profile text.  Even if you don’t have a pet you can learn about the basics of pet care and then ask about individual pet nuances from the home owner.

Make your house sitting experience enjoyable

Yes house sitting is a job but one of the main reasons you have decided to house sit is for the adventure of living in a different location like a local, so find out what amenities and transport links are close by.  Is it really a location that allows you to explore the areas and sights you are interested in?  Does the neighborhood suit your own lifestyle?  Don’t just focus on the location though, is the property right for you?  Do you require outside space?  Is high speed internet an absolute requirement? house sitting beach house

Amazing house sitting experiences

house sitting coupleIt’s not just professional house sitters or travel bloggers who can secure great house sitting jobs. Gail and Randy decided to travel full time for a year and saved $10,000 by securing half of their accommodation by house sitting using advanced house sitting advice and tactics. Diane and Jeremy got their first house sitting job with their first application using the same techniques and managed to secure a lovey place in Nicaragua. These are just 2 examples out of hundreds of great house sitting experiences.  With our guide to house sitting around the world, you can have amazing local adventures without breaking the bank.

Get more free advanced techniques to secure your next dream house sitting job

We have listed just some of the hints and tips to help you get started on your search for free accommodation around the world with our house sitting guide 101.  If you would like to learn more advanced techniques to improve your chances of securing your next house sitting job, sign up and receive totally free information into house sitting and free accommodation around the world. [mc4wp_form id=”7″]